SAP Investments Holding
SAP Investments Holding

Trade & Logistics

SAP Investments Holding, together with its partners, is involved in working with countries in Africa to facilitate the free flow of goods and services across international borders. From investing in solutions to ease sea port administrative and logistics bottle necks, to conducting surveys and providing training for air and land border agents, we are well positioned to provide the support needed by our clients and customers in pushing for more trade and less barriers across the continent.

We have deep knowledge and experience in streamlining port operations to facilitate the speedy and efficient clearing of goods, providing solutions that reduces wastage and leakages in customs and port duties, as well as supporting efforts to understand who comes in and out of countries. We facilitate trade missions and government access to global companies as well as provide relevant market and local environment conditions to ease market entry. Our scope of work includes:

• Import and export facilitation
• Haulage
• Transaction advisory services
• Market entry support
• Assistance for trade missions
• Training
• Provision of technical solutions