SAP Investments Holding
SAP Investments Holding

Oil & Gas

SAP Investments Holding is involved in upstream, midstream and downstream activities in this sector. Working with our partners, we have developed the knowledge and capacity to support exploratory and recovery activities, storage and transportation activities as well as refinement and distribution activities. We can monitor activities on oil and gas platforms through the installation and operation of deep sea monitoring equipment as well as support the training and development of the skills required for successful operations.

Together with our partners, we have invested in and acquired expertise in the planning, design and construction of storage facilities to store and distribute petroleum products. From the construction of tank farms, to the management and operating of gas pipes for transportation, SAP Investments Holding has what it takes to deliver for our clients and customers.

Our scope of expertise in this area includes:
• Planning and feasibility
• Financing and investments
• Transaction advisory services
• Engineering and design
• Construction and delivery
• Maintenance and support