SAP Investments Holding
SAP Investments Holding

Information Communications Technology

SAP Investments Holding, through its subsidiary company COUES Technologies Limited, provides technology solutions and support across various industries and sectors. We assist public and private companies with organizational transformation at both the enterprise level and at a more localized level. At SAP Investments Holding, we view technology as broadly encompassing technical solutions, people and processes. We have over 40 years combined leadership experience in leveraging modern technology to drive the businesses of our clients and customers.

We invest in emerging technologies to ensure our clients and customers stay ahead of their competition. We have experience deploying systems and solutions spanning user interactive solutions to back-end support. We employ several different methodologies in our solution deployments to ensure maximum efficiency and quality. Our focus on successful solutions delivery ensures that we engage our clients and customers throughout the solution delivery process; from planning through development to deployment.

From small scale web solutions to large scale data center operations, we have the skill set and knowledge to make our clients and customers succeed. Our areas of expertise include:

• Program and project management
• Business process re-engineering
• Enterprise solution architecture
• Configuration and custom development
• Data center and network operations
• Reporting and data analytics
• Quality assurance and training
• Telephony and telecommunications

SAP Investments Holding does not just deliver technical solutions. We focus on aspects of the organization that are affected by the provision, implementation and adoption of technology as well as seeking to building trusted partner relations with our clients and customers for long-term sustainable results