SAP Investments Holding
SAP Investments Holding

Many small and medium-sized businesses in Africa operate on a limited budget and resources. Access to capital and quality human resources is a challenge that businesses deal with on a regular basis. A typical business makes products and/or provide services as their primary objective. In meeting their primary objective, businesses must also provide the supporting services that allow them to meet their primary objective. These supporting services include human resource management, legal services, financial services, IT services etc.… Finding support resources with the right training, knowledge and experience can be a daunting task. Funding an HR department, a legal department, a finance department and an IT department is even more challenging.

SAP Investment Holding’s enterprise services model seeks to provide platforms that drive the critical support services of businesses and organizations. We can reduce the overall cost of support services to businesses because we are more efficient in the use of resources. The cost of providing these support services are shared among our existing client base therefore the cost per business is reduced. Having a single team providing support services also ensures we are making optimal use of our human resource base and adding to our knowledge base and skill set with each client we serve.

SAP Investments Holding is focused on three support service areas namely:

·  Human Resource Management

·  Financial Services Management

·  Information Technology Management