SAP Investments Holding
SAP Investments Holding


SAP Energy, a subsidiary of SAP Investments Holding, works with partners to implement energy projects across the continent. We form consortiums that provide optimized designs and integration to deliver cost effective and efficient projects, particularly in renewable energy.

SAP Investments Holding is committed to the development of sustainable models where we partner with reputable players to (i) initiate and operate power plants
(ii) develop cost effective and efficient energy projects (iii) invest in the required infrastructure to deliver power projects in a timely manner.

In executing projects, SAP Energy brings together consortium partners who have a proven track record in developing, financing and operating energy plants on the African continent. We engage throughout the value chain of projects, from its conceptualization and financial structuring, to construction, commissioning and monitoring, with particular focus on:

• Engineering and Design;
• Coordination and implementation of EPC projects;
• Equipment Operation;
• Technical assistance and maintenance;
• Training and Consulting;
• Financial Solutions Development.

In the delivery of all projects, we adhere to best-in-class environmental and safety standards and involvement of local communities.