SAP Investments Holding
SAP Investments Holding

Business Advisory & Finance

SAP Investments Holding provides Business and Technical Advisory Services for all public and private institutions for projects in a varied range of sectors – Transportation, Technology, Energy and other social services. SAP Investments Holding leads strategic, technical and financial partnerships to provide governments and corporations with transactional, technical and business advisory support services for the cost-effective execution of projects.

SAP Investments Holding is well-positioned and resourced to serve as Technical Advisor leading to successful development of sustainable infrastructure and other public services. In furtherance of this, SAP Investments Holding has proven track record in structuring specialized partnerships on a case-by-case basis, for developing, financing and operating in many sectors on the African continent. We typically engage throughout the value chain of projects, from its conceptualization and financial structuring, to construction, commissioning and monitoring, with our business focused in:

• Engineering and Design;
• Coordination and implementation of electrical and mechanical EPC projects;
• Equipment Operation;
• Technical assistance and maintenance;
• Training and Consulting;
• Financial Solutions Development.
Our scope of work in Business and Technical Advisory are as follows:
• Develop all necessary field surveys and parameterization
• Define adequate framework for Technical, Financial, Economic and Environmental as well as the Legal Feasibility in support of the solutions we will propose.
• Produce financial models for projects, complying with all bankable criteria to attract international financial resources

• Establish Terms of Reference and Request for Proposals to select EPCs for projects; and establish procedures to secure its management, auditing and the commissioning.