SAP Investments Holding
SAP Investments Holding


The SAP team combines local skills, market knowledge and business development experience with cutting-edge innovations in agro-technology to execute year-round commercial agricultural enterprises. SAP Investments Holding provides dynamic leadership and collaborates with Top Technologies and Purizon Solar, to implement large-scale export-oriented farms.

SAP Investments Holding specializes and invests in turnkey agribusiness initiatives using mainly greenhouses powered by solar photovoltaic systems. In executing own and 3rd-party projects, we deploy an experienced technical team that performs

• Detailed Engineering 
• Selection of right technology and optimized plant design 
• Field preparation and securing boundary with wall and fencing construction
• SPV modules mounting system & modules installations
• Remote monitoring and plant monitoring and control System
• Total plant surveillance and Security for 24/7
• Total plant operation and Maintenance for Preventive & Break down Maintenance

Our approach and use of latest solutions in agro-technology ensures higher agricultural yields and best quality in environmentally sustainable ways. Our agribusiness systems utilize alternative energy and water management solutions that adapt our farms to all climatic and environmental conditions. Our subsidiary, SAP Farms, actively cultivates partnerships with private investors, local government and traditional authorities to invest in and cultivate large scale commercial farms that provide raw materials for value-addition and produce processing for both local and export markets.