SAP Investments Holding
SAP Investments Holding

Our Vision

To become the preferred investment and business solutions partner for businesses in the public and private sector across Africa.

Our Mission

Identify, incubate and operationalize opportunities through investment financing and innovative business solutions.

Our Values

At the core of SAP Investments Holding's values are four main principles namely:

1. Fairness - We are fair in our dealings and treatment of our clients and customers, our fellow employees and everyone affiliated with the work we do.

2. Hard Work - We work hard and strive to deliver value to our clients and customers at all times.

3. Honesty/Respect - We are honest in our dealings with our clients, customers and co-workers. Respect for individuals is non-negotiable and an environment in which all employees can work without fear or favor is a requirement.

4.  Integrity - We take pride in our work and our word. Our word is our bond and we do what we say we are going to do.

Our Strategy

Target, identify, incubate and operationalize business opportunities in key industries. Partner with and support client businesses with investment financing, business solutions and technical know-how to grow their revenues and access new markets.

Our Strength

Our success is built on:

1.  A deep understanding of doing business in Africa

2. Our strong networks in industry, government and non-government organizations across multiple countries in Africa

3. Our enterprise culture and agility in decision-making

4. Our wealth of business knowledge and experience across multiple industries

5. A single-minded focus to delivering shared value and prosperity to partners, clients and communities

Why choose SAP Investments Holding?

Selecting an investment or business solution partner is your choice. Let SAP Investments Holding be that partner! Our commitment, professionalism, deep knowledge and drive ensures a very high probability of achieving your goals. SAP Investments Holding is your trusted partner!

  • Investment Finance
  • Enterprise Support
  • Start-to-finish Solutions
  • Reliable Services
  • Trained Professionals
  • Innovation and Drive

Solution Delivery Excellence

  • Your Trusted Partner.